Travelling with medications (part 2)


Updated January 2018

Before you leave on your trip, check to see if any of the medications you are taking are restricted or even legal in the country/countries you are visiting. This includes medical devices and complementary medicines. Check consulate and embassy websites if they have one or contact them directly.

If you have arthritis, a musculoskeletal condition or another chronic health issue, you no doubt frequently experience pain and have been prescribed painkillers or buy them over the counter.

Common painkillers available over the counter in Australia that contain codeine may have severe restrictions on them in many countries. Restrictions may also apply to medications containing pseudoephedrine found in products such as cold tablets. It is important that you check to see what you can or can’t take into certain countries.

UPDATE : From 1 February 2018, you will need a prescription to obtain medicines containing codeine in Australia  (including over the counter medicines) Click here for more information

If you are Australian, please take time to look at the website here which has details about travelling overseas with PBS medication. This is especially important if you are going on a long trip as there are restrictions on how much PBS medication you can take with you.

Click on the photos or text below as a starting point to see what the regulations are in some very popular destinations and stopovers from Australia.




imageUnited Arab Emirates


UAE and Greece photos via pixabay

If you are coming to Australia please click on photo below



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