Fashion and arthritis

imageIt’s been a while since my last blog post. Many apologies! Between a flare, a dodgy internet connection and a trip to Singapore for a week, time just slipped by.

A different focus for this post but in some ways the topic of arthritis and clothing was what initially got me thinking about doing a blog.

A few years ago I had to have some major surgery on my shoulder and was looking around the web to see what clothing I should wear after the operation and where I could purchase it. At that stage information was pretty hard to come by so I decided when I had time I would I would do an information sheet about shoulder surgery. If you do a google search now using the terms ‘shoulder surgery and clothing’, more information comes up than what was around about five years ago. Anyway, the initial thought about an information sheet has morphed into this blog.

As many of you with joint and muscle problems know, the less fuss with putting on clothing and taking it off, the better. I tend to avoid any tops or dresses with zips at the side or back. I also prefer not to wear sleeveless items as I like to cover up scars etc. on my arms and shoulders.

About a month ago I popped into the new H&M store at Joondalup and found a couple of T-shirts that I thought would be great for summer. Although they fit quite loosely they don’t look frumpy and are really easy to slip on. I took them to Singapore with me and they were really cool to wear even in the tropical heat as the material is quite fine.

If the idea of wearing a black T-shirt sounds too plain for you, below are some ideas that add interest to a plain T-shirt.


Simple black T-shirt found in the ‘Basics’ section at H&M


A simple T-shirt can be dressed up with accessories


Look for accessories without clasps if you have painful hand and wrist joints. There are lots of different styles of necklaces and bracelets you can slip on and off.


A beautiful vintage brooch can be added to a simple top or jacket.


Buy a few vintage scarves or beads to add interest and create different looks.

If you have a sore shoulder or have just had shoulder surgery, there is a correct way to put on and take off a T-shirt or singlet. You can look around on the internet to find pictures or videos on this topic however I recommend you choose a reputable clinic’s information sheet. I also recommend you have an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist take you through the steps before you leave hospital.


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