Swaying Palms Summer Playlist

Hello to 2016.

I hope you all had a lovely break over the Christmas period.

I usually like to start the New Year by doing a bit of decluttering and cleaning. That includes getting rid of unwanted files on computers, phones etc. I sort of got stuck in my music files though as I came across some old playlists which I thought were still great and had to have a listen to each one.

I tend to have playlists for all occasions as I find music therapeutic and motivating.

One playlist in particular that I love has lots of songs on it that are perfect to listen to if you want to slow down and relax for half an hour. It’s very appropriate for this time of the year with New Year festivities possibly still going on, going back to work and in Perth, dealing with the summer heat.

I’ve included some songs from the old playlist plus a few newer tracks. The beat on many of the tracks are quite hypnotic and for me invoke images of swaying palm trees (one of my favourite things) hence the name of the playlist. Enjoy!


To read some articles on music and arthritis, click on the links below

How music therapy helps relieve arthritis pain 

Classical music eases arthritis pain


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