The “beautifully splashed crimson” of a Peach Pond Sweet


Another lovely distraction for you today.

These simple apple drawings caught my eye when I was looking through the wonderful Flickr feed of the Internet Archive Book Images.

They’re from a book called American Pomology filled with many jaunty drawings of different varieties of ……… apples! ┬áCan you believe it was published in 1867, the drawings have quite a modern feel. You can view the book at the Internet archives (see link at end of article). It’s worth clicking on the pictures below to see some of the descriptions of the apples which are extremely detailed and quite delightful. The Hay’s Winter apple (p466) for example is described as a”handsome large apple” and I love the name of the apple called the ‘Peach Pond Sweet’.


americanpomology00ward_0389americanpomology00ward_0472americanpomology00ward_0478hawthorndenamericanpomology00ward_0465peachpondspafford russett


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