Perth to Penang – Street Art (Part 1)


When I’m out and about in Perth, one of the things I really enjoy is seeing street art and taking photos of it on my phone. I’ve even been lucky enough to see some of the artists in action.

Perth has been experiencing what can only be described as horrendous weather the past couple of weeks. It’s been too hot to think about writing blog posts so I thought I’d post some of the street art photos that I’ve taken.

A couple of years ago I traveled to Penang, Malaysia and was surprised and delighted by the street art I saw there. Cats seemed to be a popular subject for the street artists in Penang.

The names of the Perth street artists appear at the end of the post. There is also some additional information about Perth and Penang street art.


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Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 569Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 523Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 357penang ipad uploads 259Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 412penang ipad uploads 257Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 623 (2)Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 249Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 1307Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 560


1 Alex Face   2 ololo    3 George Domahidy     4 Bruno Booth     5 Pixel Pancho    6 Amok Island    7 Phlegm      8 Nils Westergard     9 Kyle Hugh Odgers    10 Muebon Alex Face  Gongjar

Streets of Perth : Comprehensive site that includes an interactive street art map and details about the street art.

For profiles of Perth street artists visit artists

Take a peek at the City of Perth’s Northbridge Art & Heritage Trail


Penang’s weather can vary from hot and humid to hot, humid and rainy or hot, humid and sunny so it’s important to be prepared when walking around checking out the street art.

I advise taking an umbrella to protect yourself against both the sun and rain

Wear comfortable walking shoes as many streets in Penang are a bit rough.  Watch out for the open drains!

Don’t forget to always carry drinking water

If your mobility is restricted, it may be best to take a taxi to the popular spots to view the street art. There are buses however they can get very crowded and it can be confusing as to which stop to get off at to view the street art.

If you would like to sit down for some lovely cake and coffee, there are lots of fabulous little cafes in the streets around the street art.

Street art brochure and map from Tourism Penang

I highly recommend China House to see some more art and have some delicious refreshments. Check out their cake display below. YUM!

Penang Mobile Uploads 2014 530







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