Slippery Soap Solutions


Hello again! I’ve been missing from the blog world for a while. Those pesky hands and wrists of mine have been playing up so I have been avoiding spending too much time typing

It’s the perfect time in that case to pass on some more joint protection tips

Today I want to pass on a couple of tips that make those daily tasks like washing your hands, hair and dishes a little bit easier

I’m sure a lot of you that have sore hands, wrists and arms have have had difficulty picking up a bar of soap or have picked up a bottle of shampoo only to find it flying from your hands because your grip is weak and the bottle is heavy and slippery

I also pour out way too much soap or shampoo as I can’t control the bottles if they’re heavy

image    image

Even though I love bars of soap, I prefer to use liquid soap as I find using the plastic dispensers much easier to use

image   image

I generally don’t like recommending plastic as I like to be as environmentally responsible as I can be, however most glass and ceramic bottles and containers are far too heavy for people with arthritis in their hands to pick up. The same can be said for people with other muscular-skeletal conditions


I replace regular bottle tops on shampoos and body washes with pumps


I keep a few pumps handy to place on shampoo bottles or body wash bottles if they don’t come with a pump

I find that some shampoo and conditioner bottles are an odd size so you can’t fit a pump on them. In that case, I transfer the shampoo and conditioner into a different container


I bought these little containers at Muji one of my fave stores. I’m going to place my shampoo and conditioner in them


In the kitchen, I transfer my dish-washing liquid into a bottle with a pump. (Looks like I need to refill)

As with the hand soap, body wash and shampoo, I find the pump bottle much easier to use and I don’t over pour because I can control the amount of liquid I use more efficiently

If you are using plastic dispensers in the bathroom, they need to sit on a hard, flat and stable surface like a bench top or a bath board. I would not recommend them for a hanging shower caddy

I use a sturdy bath stool to hold my shampoo, conditioner and bodywash

image   image

You can probably tell from my photos that I prefer a plain minimalist look in home decor. I have however kept a couple of plastic pump bottles with a pop of colour that I change around to create different moods and looks

Muji – minimalist and plain packaging Heaven
Bottles at Daiso

Daiso is another store you can find a wide variety of bottles to suit your needs

In Perth we don’t have Daiso. There are a couple of similar stores though including Miyu Life Store and Neugo

Check out this soap dispenser circa 1908 – Source Flickr

There are also a variety of soap dispensers that work with a sensor so all you have to do is put your hands under them to dispense the soap (Great if you’ve had surgery on one arm)

Some are available in your supermarket or chemist. Click here for more info

Click here for information on a more upmarket sensor soap dispenser

Click here to view information on a variety of dispensers from The Independent Living Centre Australia including wall dispensers

Of course I would love to hear from you about any tips that work for you



8 thoughts on “Slippery Soap Solutions

  1. Great post! I’ve been putting washing up liquid in a dispenser bottle for years – before I had rheumy hands even – it’s so much easier AND QUICKER to squirt just the right amount when needed. I have tried it in the shower too for shampoo and conditioner, but as you rightly point out, you need a firm place to push down on. Enjoyed reading, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback Jude. I might try the dispenser with the sensor at some stage. Have never got around to it and I probably needed it when I had one arm in a sling.

      Liked by 1 person

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