Thursday Doors – out of the darkness

Thursday Doors (3)
York – Western Australia

A selection of doors surrounded by shadows and darkness

Some I want to step through to see what’s on the other side

Some are a little bit creepy

They tempt or scare


Thursday Doors
PICA – Perth
Thursday Doors (2)
somewhere hypnotic – Perth
Thursday Doors (5)
Penang – Suffolk House
Thursday Doors (6)
Moana Cafe – Perth
Thursday Doors (8)
E & O Hotel – Penang

Thursday Doors is hosted by Norm from the Norm 2.0 blog. Please take  time to check out some of the other posts

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – out of the darkness

    1. Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by. It’s worth typing Suffolk House Penang into google to see the number of doors around the building – gorgeous. Also you wont believe the building is in South East Asia.(it looks as if Mr Darcy might step out) I’ll have to look through my photos for a shot of the whole building to post for Thursday Doors

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