A Sunday stroll around Bugis

a stroll around bugis (13)
Bugis +

A supplement to the Singapore Guides

On my last day in Singapore which happened to be a Sunday, I had a few hours to kill before I had to head off to Changi Airport

I decided to take a leisurely stroll around the Bugis neighborhood and do some last minute souvenir shopping

As with the other guides I will include a link to Our Friendly Built Environment Portal  (OFBEP) which has a feature, Find a Friendly Building . It has a very comprehensive outline of accessible entrances, parking lots, toilets and much more

image  Stroll Starting Point – The Victoria Hotel, 87 Victoria St

I cheated and caught a bus one stop from my hotel to Bugis +(the white building pictured above) OFBEP

The bus stops on Victoria St right near the entrance to Bugis Street Market (3 New Bugis Street)

Bugis MRT (OFBEP) is also close to the Bugis Street markets

a stroll around bugis (12)a stroll around bugis (29)a stroll around bugis (2)

Bugis Street Markets has a very vibrant atmosphere and is full of stalls that sell souvenirs, watches, jewellery, clothes, drinks and snacks and much more

You will find lots of bargains here

Take into consideration

If you are not steady on your feet or a bit claustrophobic, be aware that the market gets very crowded and some of the aisles or laneways are narrow

At this stage I haven’t found any information about accessibility however I’ll keep looking

a stroll around bugis (4)

When you walk through the New Bugis Street Market you will come out onto Queen St

Just behind the Albert St Food Centre (walk via Albert St or the Bencoolan Link) is Waterloo St which is bustling with with activity

There are a couple of places of worship on Waterloo St,  Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple  (OFBEP) and Sri Krishnan Temple as well as fortune tellers and many stalls selling trinkets, flowers and joss sticks

a stroll around bugis (7)a stroll around bugis (11)a stroll around bugis (14)a stroll around bugis (26)

a stroll around bugis (15)
Sri Krishnan Temple

a stroll around bugis (8)a stroll around bugis (24)

a stroll around bugis (25)
Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

After all the action of Waterloo St, I needed a rest and some refreshments

Just around the corner on 127 Bencoolan St (across the road from the IBIS hotel next to the BIG Hotel) is one of my favourite restaurants serving one of my favourite Singapore snacks; Roti Pratha

A couple of Roti Pratha and an iced lemon tea was less than $5

a stroll around bugis (5)a stroll around bugis (3)

After my delicious snack, I headed over to the colourful gallery OBJECTIVES – Centre for Photography and Film (OFBEP)

The exhibition Women in Film and Photography was on when I was there

Click here to see information about their current exhibitions and workshops

The gallery is well worth a visit


a stroll around bugis
Objectives, 155 Middle Road
a stroll around bugis (27)
Women in Film & Photography exhibition

a stroll around bugis (28)

I popped into lifestyle shop Kapok for a peek which is in the National Design Centre near Objectives Gallery

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for a coffee in the delightful outdoor area of the Kapok Cafe nor did I have time to visit the exhibition Fifty years of Singapore Design


a stroll around bugis (17)
Kapok Cafe with St Joseph’s in the background

a stroll around bugis (9)

a stroll around bugis (21)
Lifestyle shop Kapok – 111 Middle Road

Time was ticking away by now however I still had time to pop into St Joseph’s Catholic Church on Victoria Street

a stroll around bugis (22)
St Joseph’s  143 Victoria Street

a stroll around bugis (20)

On my way back to the hotel after visiting St Joseph’s (which was very close to my hotel) I spied this jaunty sculpture in a courtyard

I felt like it was giving me a salutation and beckoning me to come back again soon

a stroll around bugis (23)

Click here to read about the Bugis Community who arrived in Singapore just after settlement

For the Wikipedia entry on Bugis click here

Click here  to view portrait photographs by Alain Solderville taken in Bugis in the 1980s. The exhibition was held at Objectives Gallery


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