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If you have a chronic illness and are in pain or just plain tired and need to relax, what sort of things do you do to distract yourself?

If you read this blog on a regular basis, I’m sure you know by now that I love listening to music as a distraction if I’m tired, experiencing pain or need to motivate myself to do some tasks

In addition to listening to music, I also listen to podcasts for pure enjoyment and to distract my mind from concentrating on pain or any worries I might have. I tend to listen to podcasts about film, music, history & current events and try to listen to one podcast a day

Below are a few of my favourite podcasts I listen to on a regular basis


This is my favourite podcast and I listen to it every week. Although I’m a movie lover, I tend not to get to the cinema much anymore (It doesn’t help that Perth doesn’t have any cinemas left in the CBD ). I am however up to date on all the new releases and directors listening to this podcast.

The hosts Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larson discuss movies passionately (sometimes argue) and at length but somehow don’t give away plot spoilers. I especially enjoy it when they are joined by film critic Michael Philips from the Chicago Tribune. Some of the discussions lead me to be enthusiatic about seeing films I had no intention of ever seeing

Filmspotting just celebrated it’s 600th episode so there is a huge back catalogue you can listen to. There have been a couple of other host (Sam van Hallgren and Matty “Ballgame” Robinson). Some of the episodes with Matty were particularly hilarious

As well as a film review, each show has a Top 5 list from each host on a topic related to the film being reviewed and much more. The show generally runs for about one and a half hours

They also run Movie Marathons where they will pick a director or genre of movie and discuss a few films at length. The current movie Marathon is Contemporary Nordic Cinema

HINT: If you live in Australia, check out SBS on demand. They have a range of movies you can stream for free. You’d be surprised how many movies are available to stream that have been discussed by this podcast

After a quick look at the website, I noted that currently SBS on demand has two of the Norwegian and four of the Korean Auteurs Marathon movies available to view

Desert Island Discs

The premise of Desert Island Discs is the host, Kirsty Young interviews a guest (ranging from scientists, politicians, actors, musicians) and asks what eight discs they would take with them to a desert island if they were a castaway.

My favourite part of DID is the personal stories and circumstaces surrounding the guest’s choice of disc; we then hear a snippet of the song they have chosen.  A couple of my favourite guests were the delightful Martin Sheen (more for his inspirational tales and the beautiful way he talks about his wife and family) and Alice Cooper (for tales of 60s rock & roll in LA and in many ways quite similar to Martin Sheen).

I have taken a bit of a break from listening to DID. I used to listen to it at night and found I got very excited about the some of the tunes I was hearing which perked me up instead of relaxing me. I would get out of bed to pull out records or cds to listen to the whole song as hearing a snippet wasn’t quite enough. I intend catch up on the extensive back catalogue whilst recovering from surgery (which has been postponed for a month grrrr)

I’ll also make sure I only listen to it during the day

podcasts (2)

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This describes itself as a ‘storytelling’podcast on it’s website. If you love stories of old Hollywood like I do then this is the podcast for you

The host Karina Longworth is the writer and narrator of each extensively researched episode. There is a section on the website dedicated to show notes for each episode which includes research materials used, movie clips and photos

The podcast often presents episodes in series. At the moment the six part series is – The Six Degrees of Joan Crawford which I’m enjoying immensely

Previous series include – The Blacklist (Hollywood Communist Blacklist), MGM Stories (The famous studio and it’s equally famous actors) and Charles Manson’s Hollywood

I listened to the series Charles Manson’s Hollywood which was facinating (as well as gruesome and depressing in parts). I think it will come as a suprise to some people that you can link Doris Day and Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys to Charles Manson

A little bit of trivia – Karina’s partner Rian Johnson (who often appears on Filmspotting as a guest) is the writer and director of the next Stars Wars installment; Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Force Awakens

By the way, Rian’s first movie Brick (a Filmspotting favourite) is also on SBS demand at the moment


If you have some time, sit back and have a listen to some of the podcasts mentioned

If you would like to see some amazing costumes from old Hollywood, check out this blog post I did a while ago

I would also love to hear from you with some of your podcast recommendations



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