Floored by the Boards – tips for the kitchen after shoulder replacement


Hello, I’m back! It’s taken quite a while to get back to blogging since my surgery (whoa am I out of practice)

In my continuing quest to become a cyborg I had a reverse shoulder replacement of my left shoulder late last year (I’m running out of joints to replace)

The operation went well and as anyone who’s had a shoulder replacement knows, it’s a long hard road to recovery. When I say hard, I’m talking about having to using one arm for a period of time and then mustering up the disipline you need to exercise your shoulder every day to rebuild muscles and get maximum range from the new joint

Anyway as mentioned, all went well as far as the shoulder is concerned however as soon as my sling came off after almost eight weeks (which coincided with me going off prednisolone after many years) my joints decided to flare up

Before I had my surgery I prepared my home so I could be as independent as possible even having one arm in a sling and anticipating that sometimes there would be no one around to help me do things like opening jars and cooking. I didnt want to have to ask friends, family and neighbors to open things for me all the time

Even if you live with people you can call on to open things etc, it’s great to have a bit of independence and have a feeling of accomplishment when you can do things on your own

I originally named this post My Swedish Love Affair because I’m totally in love with my ETAC Fix preparation board and don’t know how I’ve lived this long without one

The board is designed and made in Sweden and it made life so much easier post surgery and it continues to do so as I still use it almost every day


The board has little nails you can place vegetables, fruit etc onto for chopping

Removable suction cups

I didn’t use the ETAC board for chopping fruits and vegetables as I didn’t want to wash such a bulky item with one arm

I used it primarily for opening things so it stayed fixed on my kitchen counter in a handy spot and is still there

IMG_1627   IMG_1626  IMG_1625

The little rods and lever can be moved depending on the size of the item that needs to be opened or stabilised

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the many items I opened and the gadgets I used (some I talked about in a blog post a while back Attack of the Orange Gadgets)IMG_1647

I buttered toast and chopped fruit and vegetables on the Plastic Spread Board pictured above

You can place some grip liner under the board to stop it slipping

The spikes can be easily removed (even with one hand) and washed easily

IMG_1650  IMG_1653

The raised ledges on the board stop bread or toast from moving around

I will be posting some more general tips for the kitchen, bathroom and grooming after shoulder surgery SOON

Click here for my blog post Shoulder Surgery – ms mary’s musings which is about getting prepared for surgery

In the meantime checkout the one armed action below from my Instagram posts and click on the links to find out more about these wonderful boards and where you can purchase them

I purchased the ETAC Fix preparation board and the Plastic Spread Board at Daily Living Products which has various locations throughout Perth

In Australia check with your local Independent Living Centre as to where you can purchase the boards

ETAC official site

I’ve noticed I get a few readers from Singapore and Malaysia

The Etac Fix Preparation Board appears on the site of Assisted Living (Singapore) and Pinang Medical Supplies (Malaysia)

Grip liner can be easily purchased in variety stores,  supermarkets and places that specialise in daily living products


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