Thursday Doors – a step back in time


Hello everyone

It’s been too long between Thursday Doors posts however if you follow my blog or Instagram account you’ll know that I had a shoulder replacement last October so things like exercise and looking after myself have taken priority

I thought I’d combine my surgery and arthritis pain manage techniques and love of doors in the one post today

Have you heard of the use of guided imagery to manage stress, pain etc.?

I use a similar technique (except I’m my own guide) when I have to have injections, blood tests or if I’m in pain as a distraction technique

Most guided imagery relaxation scenarios that I’ve experienced focus on beaches, lakes and beautiful peaceful places which I enjoy

I do however also like to relive walks I’ve taken in some of the beautiful cities and towns I’ve visited

I hope you enjoy some of the doors I’ve seen and taken a peek into on my travels between the years 1986 and 1998


Doors, doors, doors and more doors!

An entrance to the very elegant Place de Vosges in the Marais area of Paris


Rue St Jacques, Paris

Baguettes and fromage are picked up on my stroll back to my hotel after a visit to the beautiful Jardin du Luxumbourg which is located nearby

If only all grocery shopping could be so stylish


Another stylish shopping encounter

I love the details on and around this beautiful pharmacy door in Barcelona


A stark window and door found in the empty streets of a small town on Lesbos, Greece during siesta time


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return home to this delightful balcony and door after wandering around the medieval streets within the ancient Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia


After exploring the small marbled side streets of Dubrovnik, I come across a scene of quiet reflection through the grand doors of St Blaise church on a street usually teeming with tourists


Quintessential Vietnemese door in Hoi An complete with flag and a sleeping sandy coloured dog


Dilapitated beauty in Hoi An, Vietnam


Wandering through the old areas of Lisbon is like a lovely step back in time

This is one of my favourite doorways which from memory is near the Alfama district

Wherever one wanders in Lisbon, there always time for a bica (coffee) and pastel de nata (custard tart)

The Thursday Doors feature is hosted by Norm from the Norm 2.0 blog

Please take time to check out some of the other posts


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