Floored by the Boards – tips for the kitchen after shoulder replacement


Hello, I’m back! It’s taken quite a while to get back to blogging since my surgery (whoa am I out of practice)

In my continuing quest to become a cyborg I had a reverse shoulder replacement of my left shoulder late last year (I’m running out of joints to replace)

The operation went well and as anyone who’s had a shoulder replacement knows, it’s a long hard road to recovery. When I say hard, I’m talking about having to using one arm for a period of time and then mustering up the disipline you need to exercise your shoulder every day to rebuild muscles and get maximum range from the new joint Continue reading


Happy New Year 2017



Just a short blog post to wish you all a wonderful New Year 2017

2016 was such a horrendous year as far as world events go however I hope for all of you on a personal level it was a happy and successful year

I spent the second half of the year waiting for surgery (the date was moved a couple of times), having surgery and recovering from surgery

Now that I’m on the mend from a reverse shoulder replacement I intend to get back into blogging again (it was too difficult to take photos using one arm)

I hope you enjoy the songs that I’ve  included on the Cocktail Hour playlist. There’s a selection of jazz, blues,swing and a couple of crooners thrown into the mix

I’m not doing much on New Years Eve apart from having a cocktail, listening to Cocktail Hour and having a chuckle at some of the lyrics such as ‘he’s a flip flopping, finger tapping jukebox maniac’ sung by LaVern Baker in Whipper Snapper

Happy New Year 💋💋💋 Enjoy



spring sunsets playlist


We’re three weeks into Spring and there have been some subtle sunsets and some rather spectacular sunsets

Here is my playlist for Spring 2016 which I like to listen to at the end of the day sitting on my balcony, sipping a coffee or a drink and of course watching colours in the sky change around sunset

Scroll down to see the colours of a gorgeous sunset from a couple of weeks ago

Also if you live in Perth, two of the artists on the playlist (Gwenno & Cate Le Bon)  will be playing at Mojos in Fremantle in early October