Thursday Doors – out of the darkness

Thursday Doors (3)
York – Western Australia

A selection of doors surrounded by shadows and darkness

Some I want to step through to see what’s on the other side

Some are a little bit creepy

They tempt or scare

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Anatomical illustrations – 15th century


I’ve been browsing the internet lately for information about joint replacements

Whilst browsing the net, I’ve come across a fair share of gory and bloody images (I still wish I hadn’t looked at the hashtag surgery on Instagram)

It was a pleasure to come across this series of anatomical illustrations from the mid 15th century that are both charming and beautiful in their simplicity

They are from a book ‘Pseudo-Galen, Anatomia, in English’ which is held by the Welcome Library. If you would like to look at the entire book, click here

The anatomical images below are from The Public Domain Review. Click here for more information about the illustrations

The gorgeous illuminated manuscripts from the book are sourced from the Welcome Library

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do a little dance


Lately I’ve been lacking motivation and energy to do housework, uhh …blog posts and basically anything that needs to be done.

I love 70s/80s funk, soul and disco so I made up a playlist to get me up off the couch

I usually play it when I have to do some housework however most of the time I alternate between doing housework and having a dance (a great way to get some exercise) when it’s on

Put it on before you have to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and I’m sure it will put you in a great mood. Enjoy!


Doors of Distraction


I’ve been looking through some of my photos to use in my next installment of my Singapore Travel Guide

I came across some photos of Georgetown Penang from a trip I did couple of years ago

As mentioned in my last post, when I’m travelling I love checking out details such as windows and doors in the older parts of a city

As well as wonderful street art, Georgetown has an abundance of photogenic doors and windows. Some can be both sumptuous and battered at the same time. I find them all very beautiful

Looking through my old photos has been a welcome distraction as last week I found out that I need to have surgery on my shoulder. I’m trying not to think about it too much until I have a definate date for surgery

In the meantime I’ve put together a visual diary of some of Georgetown’s marvellous doors and doorways. Enjoy! Continue reading

Singapore Travel Guide – Part 2

Guide to Singapore ms mary p (7)I’ve been to Singapore a few times as it’s a short flight from Perth so I’ve had the luxury of taking time to visit museums, art galleries, food courts, cafes and bars at my leisure knowing that I could always come back to catch up on places I missed

I decided that for this post I was going to concentrate on areas I visited on my most recent one week trip or that I think are of interest. This guide might stretch into a couple more posts as there is a lot to see on such as small island and I enjoy blogging about travel

I should probably clarify what I think is of interest. First of all I love big cities and my idea of travel wherever you are is to pick a neighborhood and just wander around it soaking up the feel of the place, watching the people and trying as much of the local food as possible

In Singapore, I love checking out some of the stunning architecture, design of the hotels, shops and cafes (kopitiams) and small details like windows, doorways and greenery in some of the older neighborhoods. I also love visiting museums and galleries.

As far as recommending particular restaurants, bars or cafes, I will recommend a few however I’ll let you do some exploring of your own with links to some fantastic websites provided below. There is something new opening every week in Singapore so to keep up to date, check out these links Continue reading