Carrying medications overseas


A couple of my early blog posts were about travelling with medications and the importance of checking to see if any of the medications, medical devices or complementary medicines you are taking are restricted or even legal in the country/countries you are visiting

I’ve extended the list of countries and their regulations found in Travelling with Medications – Part Two

This is a general guide and the intention of this blog post is to provide the reader with the motivation to further research the regulations of the countries you intend to visit

It’s always wise to contact the embassy or consulate directly in the district you live in before you travel if you have any questions or doubts about the medications you are travelling with

Below are links to Australian Embassies, Consulates or High Commisions of some countries in the Asia/Pacific region which are a short plane ride from Australia

If I have found specific information on carrying medications on an embassy’s website I have included a link to it otherwise I have only included the embassy’s homepage

I’ll keep adding more information as I find it

In the meantime Happy Travels!



Carrying personal medications into Australia

Smart Traveller (Their motto is ‘Be Informed Be Prepared’ –  travel advice if you’re leaving Australia)


Embassy of Cambodia Australia & NZ


Chinese Embassy Australia


Fiji High Commision ACT

Carrying personal medications into Fiji


Indonesian Consulate Perth

Carrying personal medications into Indonesia – form



The High Commission of India – Canberra


Japanese Embassy Australia

Carrying Personal Medications into Japan


Embassy of the Republic of Korea – Canberra


High Commission of Malaysia ACT

Carrying Personal medications into Malaysia



Myanmar Embassy ACT


New Zealand High Commission ACT

Carrying Personal Medications into New Zealand


Embassy of the Philippines Canberra

Carrying personal medications into The Philippines


Singapore High Commission ACT

Carrying personal medications into Singapore


Sri Lanka High Commission ACT


Thai Consulate – Perth

Carrying Personal Medications into Thailand




Vietnamese Embassy Australia

Carrying personal medications into Vietnam – Smart traveller (see entry &exit)


Foreign embassies in Australia

List of foreign embassies in Australia – Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

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Thursday doors – Tiong Bahru

IMG_5983 (2)

Tiong Bahru is one of the most delightful areas to go for a stroll in when you’re in Singapore

It’s one of the oldest public housing estates in Singapore which was developed by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) in the 1930s

If you ever get to Singapore make sure you check out this neighbourhood with it art deco buildings (Streamline Moderne), palm trees and metal doors and door grills with geometric designs Continue reading

Playlist : Summer Nights 2018


I’ve put together a playlist which I think is perfect to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out on a hot summer night, you’re at a party or when you want to get into a good mood

There’s a bit of eurodisco, electroclash, electronic, dancepunk as well as  a couple of 70s classic tunes

The one thing they all have in common is some seductive beats

I started preparing this playlist a while ago and when I was adding some final touches to it I saw an article online about how clubbercise is the next big thing coming to Perth

Well if that’s your thing, put on your lycra and this playlist and dance away




Hello 2018!

IMG_3523 (2)

Wow 16 days into 2018 already!

2017 wasn’t too bad a year for me. How did it go for you?

I spent most of the year doing exercise on my new left shoulder joint which was replaced in October 2016

I’ve mentioned before that it’s a long, slow process recovering from shoulder replacement surgery and during that time it’s important to maintain an exercise routine every day

I’m so happy with the result as you can see in the photo above and look at that range! Continue reading

Thursday Doors – a step back in time


Hello everyone

It’s been too long between Thursday Doors posts however if you follow my blog or Instagram account you’ll know that I had a shoulder replacement last October so things like exercise and looking after myself have taken priority

I thought I’d combine my surgery and arthritis pain manage techniques and love of doors in the one post today

Have you heard of the use of guided imagery to manage stress, pain etc.?

I use a similar technique (except I’m my own guide) when I have to have injections, blood tests or if I’m in pain as a distraction technique

Most guided imagery relaxation scenarios that I’ve experienced focus on beaches, lakes and beautiful peaceful places which I enjoy

I do however also like to relive walks I’ve taken in some of the beautiful cities and towns I’ve visited

I hope you enjoy some of the doors I’ve seen and taken a peek into on my travels between the years 1986 and 1998 Continue reading

Tips not trips – tips for the bathroom after joint replacement

audrey bath

I know …. I promised I was going to do a followup on tips for the kitchen after shoulder surgery however as my bathroom was tidier than my kitchen, I decided to do tips for the bathroom instead

After a joint replacement, it’s going to take a few weeks before you look or feel as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn in the bathroom however I hope you find these tips useful after your joint replacement on your way to recovery

Many of the tips outlined below I found really useful after my shoulder replacement late last year and when I had hip and knee replacements a few years ago Continue reading

Floored by the Boards – tips for the kitchen after shoulder replacement


Hello, I’m back! It’s taken quite a while to get back to blogging since my surgery (whoa am I out of practice)

In my continuing quest to become a cyborg I had a reverse shoulder replacement of my left shoulder late last year (I’m running out of joints to replace)

The operation went well and as anyone who’s had a shoulder replacement knows, it’s a long hard road to recovery. When I say hard, I’m talking about having to using one arm for a period of time and then mustering up the disipline you need to exercise your shoulder every day to rebuild muscles and get maximum range from the new joint Continue reading